The Rules


The Important Restaurant Rules for the Public:

1) Each pizza must be UNIQUE to be designed specifically for the YYC Pizza Week competition. The restaurant is allowed to sell the pizza as part of their regular menu after the event.

2) Each pizza will be sold at $20, as a medium or large size, not including GST. Each restaurant will be permitted to charge extra if required for GLUTEN-FREE alternatives due to the extra costs.

3) For each pizza sold, $3 or 15%, will be donated to CALGARY Meals on Wheels.

4) Each pizza will be competing in one of FOUR categories, THIN crust, THICK crust, UNUSUAL or GLUTEN FREE. There is no restriction whatsoever on the ingredients for the crust or toppings. We encourage the restaurants to be competitive, but to not go wildly overboard as this is also of course, a food event promotion to introduce their restaurants to the public (in other words, the restaurant still has to pay the bills and the staff after all).

5) The Public will be able to vote for their favorite pizza in each category by texting the name of the restaurant to the phone number assoiciated with each category. Only ONE vote per category. The pizza gathering the most votes in their respective category will be crowned champion of that category.

6) Voting will take place during the YYC PIZZA WEEK competition period, from Friday, September 22nd to Sunday, October 1st, 2017.

7) The restaurants are encouraged to be totally shameless with their self promotion, providing that there is no outright negative attacks on their fellow competitors. However, friendly smack talk in the spirit of competition is permitted and can even be fun!

8) Have fun. That's an absolute must.