The Classy Canadian

Sausage, mushrooms, and onions are a classic pizza combo, but you've never had them like this! The Classy Canadian starts with delicious dough - why make it yourself when Lina's version is better than homemade? The crust is topped with a mixture of fontina and mozzarella cheese, followed by onions that were caramelized with chopped dates for a little extra sweetness. Next comes some crumbled italian sausage and sauteed mushrooms, and their earthy, salty spice is the perfect companion to the sweet onions. Roasted garlic is sprinkled on top for an extra pop of flavour, and the pizza is finished with a healthy dusting of parmesan before heading in to the oven. Once the dough is crispy and the cheese is bubbling, a blanket of arugula is added for some colour and freshness. Sounds pretty good, eh?



By Heather Gummo
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