Spicy Pork Neck Stirfry Risotto Pizza

Imagine if a pizza, a spicy pork neck stirfry and a bowl of risotto had a love child together. This would be the result. The pie's ingredients rest on a home made risotto "crust", which has been infused with a dashi stock of Japanese katsuobushi & Cantonese flounder powder. 

The tomato sauce is infused with Malaysian sambal, and topped with Guanicale and portabello mushroom. But since guanicale is rather fatty, a little prosciutto adds meatiness. 
On top, the pie is crowned with arugula dressed with a sambal lemon vinaigrette, and finished off with a dusting of Friulano Pecorino. 

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John is a former MasterChef Canada top 26 finalist who left his job as a radio operator to go on the road to becoming a great chef. His journey has taken him through many professional kitchens from the humblest take-and-go meal joints to Charbar (one of Canada's finest restaurants), all the while aiming to become the first MasterChef Canada finalist to obtain a Federal Government Red Seal in the cooking trade.



By John Leung
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