Carbonara Pizza, A Roman Breakfast

This Carbonara Pizza was inspired by the classic rich flavours that we fell in love with on our first trip to Rome. I had my first taste of REALLY good carbonara at Roscioli, a popular deli in Rome. The big flavours of pecorino, cracked black pepper, and salty guanciale along with tangles of al dente spaghettone were distinctly different from the North American Carbonara I was used to and my taste buds were blown away.

The simple and flavourful ingredients selected for this pizza are inspired by that meal at Roscioli. The pizza dough is hand stretched then grilled for a light crispy texture. A thin layer of creamy sauce (made from coddled eggs, black pepper, red chili flakes, pecorino, garlic, and rendered guanciale fat), is essential to achieving the carbonara-ness.

Topped with crispy guanciale, earthy crimini mushrooms, and free-range eggs, this pizza is cooked a tad longer on the grill to ensure the eggs are just set but still runny, flavours are melded together, and the additional pecorino on top is melted. Garnished with fresh flat leaf parsley just before serving.

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By Carmen Cheng
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