Sky High Pizza Pie

Can't decide on lasagne or pizza? Now you can have both! This 4 inch high Italophile's dream is crammed full of everything that you crave from both dishes. The crispy, chewy base (and sides) is your standard pizza dough with a little pork magic added...It turns out that rendered fat from guanciale (one of the challenge ingredients) makes a tasty substitute for olive oil. Who knew? Next, we have a rich tomato-y Bolognese, made using another two challenge ingredients; hot/mild Italian sausage and mushrooms. Imagine the Bolognese stacked up in layer upon layer of fresh torn basil and home made pasta noodles. Now for the finish: only the ooey-est, gooey-est cheesiest layer possible, made of grated Caciocavallo and Grana Padano. Any way you slice it, the Sky High Pizza Pie is sure to please everyone! 

Now participating in her third YYCPizzaWeek Blogger's Challenge, Bernice looks forward to the big ingredient reveal (and YYCPizzaWeek!) every year. You can find more of her food adventures on her blog, Dish 'n' the Kitchen, where she cooks, writes, and shares the best ingredients/producers/chefs/ events that Alberta has to offer. 



By Bernice